Welcome to S Group Management Services Ltd. (SGMS Ltd).

S Group Management Services Ltd. (SGMS Ltd.) is a professional management company aimed at helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the thorough analysis of existing problems and the development of plans for improvement. Possessing twelve years of experience, our team currently oversees the day-to-day management of income producing resort properties and strata corporations. 

We also handle the financial operations of the resort properties and strata corporations, which includes the payment of taxes, insurance, payroll, maintenance bills as well as all other costs associated with the up keep and maintenance of the common facilities of strata corporations. 

Our services include the negotiation of contracts for construction, maintenance, security, garbage removal and grounds keeping services.  In our capacity as Managers we also periodically report to the property owners and strata executive committees as to the status of their property.


I have to compliment Chillin for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. As expected, the Chillin staff and facilities were top notch, we had a really relaxing night.

Margaret Syron
Ballina, Ireland